Top 6 Things you Can do to Sell your House Fast

Selling your house fast can be tricky. This is because it is more than knowing what your house is worth. There are things you can do to increase the chances of selling your house fast and for a good price. These include the following:freehousevaluation_3756

  • Set the right asking price – The property market is quite complex hence the need to put up your property for sale for the right price. Setting a price that is too high could result in no interest from prospective buyers. On the other hand, even when the price is too low some buyers will still want to haggle so that you end up with so much less that you intended. Therefore, refrain from being flattered by unrealistic valuations or even get too greedy. Always consider the most reasonable valuation.
  • Update or upgrade – A home that does not require to be updated tends to sell faster than one that requires to be modernised. This is majorly because buyers are not interested in projects that require a lot of time and effort. Thus, even though you may not have a significant amount to make improvements, try doing little things that can make a huge difference. This may include upgrading bathroom fixtures or renovating the kitchen. This is worth the effort as you could end up with a lot more when you sell.
  • Go for neutral colours – When looking to appeal to a broad range of buyers, you will do well to avoid bright bold colours as these can be a turn off. Instead, paint the walls of your house with light neutral colours that allow potential buyers to project their own vision on a blank canvas.
  • Remove clutter – Clutter can be your worst enemy when selling your house. First impressions go a long way in determining if a prospective buyer will have sustained interest in your property and eventually but it. When a potential buyer walks through the door and all they see is clutter, it is unlikely that they will be interested in buying the property.

If you find it difficult to let go of possessions, you may want to consider tucking them out of sight in boxes for the sake of viewings. If you do not have any boxes to store your stuff, then you may have no option but sell them. If anything, you are hoarding them unnecessarily.

  • Work on your property’s cub appeal – Do not underestimate the outer appeal of your house, usually known as the curb appeal. Here, you will need to pay attention to garden improvements because all prospective buyers form a first impression while at the front door even before they get into the house. Therefore, ensure your garden, patio and driveway are well kept.
  • Be proactive – You will do well to get out of your comfort zone by following up your estate agent to see that doing everything you can to sell your house quickly. In addition, you will do well to ensure you provide any information that is requested promptly.

Generally, before setting out to sell your house you need to ensure that you have positioned it well for the market even if it means updating some fixtures or removing clutter. This way, you can be sure to attract prospective buyers and sell fast.

Characteristics of Professional Property Valuation Services

Property valuation involves taking a wide range of parameters into account before arriving at the value of your property. Although estate agents are able to give you a valuation of your property, a property valuation report from professional surveyors carries more weight.

Here are some of the top characteristics of professional property valuation services that you need to arrive at a valuation report that is credible.

  • They offer free valuation services – The majority of the companies offer free property valuation services to help you determine the price of the property. The free valuation is credible hence, you can use it to arrive at the value of your home. In addition, they give you advice on renting and selling apart from correct estimations on auctioning and selling of a house.
  • They provide estimation with respect to the current market scenario – The real estate market is growing fast in the world with lots of development happening with each passing day. Consequently, the market value of property undergoes numerous ups and downs. Thus, real estate companies will provide accurate estimates of the price of the house after taking into account different aspects of the market. These companies examine all facts that influence the market before estimating the value of the house.
  • Compares with market value with other houses – Professional property valuers will usually compare your house to the value of other houses before deciding what the true value of your house is. They do this by analysing the market value of other residential properties within your area before reaching a decision. This is a good characteristic of property evaluators that will set them apart from others.
  • Examines physical characteristics of the house – Professional house valuers take into account the physical aspects of your house before determining the value of the house. Among the physical things they examine include the age of the building, the construction material use, the flooring as well as the if the house is equipped with pools and a garage. These factors significantly influence the value of your house.
  • Offers consumer friendly services – Professional property valuers offer friendly services letting you clear any doubts you may have and raising questions. In addition, they offer valuable advice that will help you to sell your house with ease and at a proper price.

freehousevaluation_4186Overall, it is important to have knowledge on the characteristics of professional property valuation services to ensure you get value for your money. Knowing what to look for in valuers gives you an advantage, as you are able to question anything that may seem suspicious. In fact, this is a great way of avoiding companies that engage in unscrupulous business, and are always ready to swindle you of your investment.

Therefore, take time to observe these companies before choosing the company that will carry offer you property valuation services that is above board.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling your House through Online Estate Agents

Selling your house through estate agents presents numerous advantages even though these will relate to your personal circumstances. While selling through online agencies is cheaper, the services offered cannot compare to what you get when you engage a high street estate agent. Moreover, there is less involvement from the online estate agent after the initial meeting and marketing service has been done.

buyanyhouse_258Therefore, when examining the advantages of selling online, you need to relate these to your present circumstances. For instance, how soon do you want to make a sale and for what price are you willing to sell your property?

Advantages of Online Estate Agents

There are two main advantages of selling your property through online estate agents. These are:

  • Convenience and flexibility – Selling property through online estate agents allows you to come up with a package that will accommodate your pocket as well as your circumstances. For instance, you may opt for extras such as management of conveyancing issues, viewings as well as increased communication with prospective buyers among others. You can track these developments online. Moreover, the majority of online agents do not have exclusivity clauses in their contracts thus allowing you to list your property with more than one agency especially if you must sell fast.
  • Affordability – This is perhaps the biggest advantage of online agents. These agencies usually charge a modest fee to list your home that cannot compare to the amount of money high street agents charge based on commission.

Disadvantages of Selling through Online Estate Agents

There are numerous other factors that you need to consider when deciding how you will sell your home other than the cost of selling. Generally, you need to consider the time through which you must sell and the amount of money you need in order to get started with the process. Some of the drawbacks of online estate agents include the following:

  • Upfront Payment – Online estate agents usually require that you pay their fees upfront before they can list your home for sale. However, it does not matter if they will sell the home or not because the fees charged is for listing and not selling. As such, if you do not have cash then these agencies will not take you seriously.
  • Lack of incentive to secure best price – The lack of an incentive to earn more commission or a higher fee makes these agencies less aggressive in securing the best price for you. Even then, with extensive research, you might find those agents that offer commission based fees that could lead to better prices.
  • Lack of knowledge – The majority of online estate agents will not have knowledge on the property market where your property is because they are based in the headquarters. As such, they may not be in a good position to advice you on the status of market to your advantage. This lack of knowledge may sometimes lead to poor decision making and even unsatisfactory selling price that is not reflective of the value of the property. On the other had high street agents will have an insider’s understanding of the market and can work hard to get you the best deal possible.

Overall, just like high street estate agents online agencies have both advantages and disadvantages that you must take into consideration in order to ensure that you make the right move on the sale of your property.